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03/22/09 04:41 PM #1    

Lisa Grubel (Chesher)

Welcome to the East High School Class Of 1979 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

04/10/09 12:20 PM #2    

Denise Anderson (Moody)

I found this information on Jim Beals -

06/17/09 11:47 PM #3    

Darlene Dickson (Dufrene-Skinner)

WHISPERING CREEK is just northeast of the hwy 20 bypass and morningside ave.

07/12/09 07:20 PM #4    

Bobbette Trowbridge (Brown)

As my husband and I were leaving Sioux City today we saw that the post at Ceceila Park had been painted black and orange with EHS'79 on it. My brother(Kevin Trowbrige) called to let me know that the word is out on facebook. He graduated from EHS in 1989. His 20 year reunion is in a few weeks. He said thanks to the person or persons responsible. He heard that someone from the 89 class was suppose to do it. Bobbette

07/13/09 10:22 AM #5    

Lori Rodeen (Marx)

I'm glad someone saw the pole and is passing the word. That would have been Joni Sandy, Sue Smidt, myself and our daughters that got out the orange and black spray paint late Saturday night! Tell you brother that we did the hard part for him....they just need to add '89 to the artwork!!!

Good to see you at the reunion!!!

07/13/09 11:25 AM #6    

Joni Sandy (Bachman)

The pole has been reclaimed!! We passed the torch to the daughters and they loved it! I will post some pictures tonight. Glad people are enjoying it! The reunion was so much fun, I loved talking to so many people I haven't seen in years! Loved how the subject was "how old are your kids", "how are your parents" and "are you having hot flashes yet"!! Ha! Ha!

07/13/09 03:19 PM #7    

Lisa Grubel (Chesher)

I made some updates on the Announcements page, and let everyone know who was responsible for bringing the pole back to a respectable condition.
The weekend was a hoot! Miss you guys already.

07/13/09 10:45 PM #8    

Kristin Youngdahl

Excellent job on the pole. So glad it now bears black and orange. Kudos to Lori, Joni and their girls.
Thank you again for a spectacular reunion. Very well done. We appreciate all of your hard work. It's hard to look at 2019 and even ponder, 40 years, but look how fast 30 yrs. has gone!

07/15/09 11:07 AM #9    

Mark VandeBerg

A big THANK YOU to those responsible for the work involved in running this site. With my high school baseball schedule the dates just didn't work for me to attend the reunion. The trials and tribulations of coaching summer high school baseball in Iowa!! I've really enjoyed catching up on old classmates and where their lives have taken them through this site. Again, thanks to all of those in organizing this, it's really been a neat thing!!

07/15/09 03:50 PM #10    

Lori Rodeen (Marx)

Be sure to keep checking the site...we'll post pictures of the gang that attended the reunion, although there aren't any real crazy pics this time around. Could it be our age?!

Linda, I don't remember who won the golf tournament or had the most grandkids, so we'll check that out and try to post that too. My memory just isn't what it used to be, but I know that I didn't win a darn thing!

Plan for the next reunion in 2019--I hope botox comes down in cost by then!!!

07/15/09 05:26 PM #11    

Darryn Huffman

Terry Moorehead ....... calling Terry Moorehead ......... Where the #@#&*! where you? Great to see everybody so alive n well last weekend!!! Should do it annually! Thanks to all the girls that work so hard on this. Great job! Ya'll KICK ASS!! -Darryn

07/15/09 05:29 PM #12    

Darryn Huffman

Linda Clark or whatever your name is ..... missed you too but at least you sent a good replacement! It was good to see your sis. -D

07/15/09 05:37 PM #13    

Darryn Huffman

Stephanie B. an Anna M......... Wus up?? Too good for us now? missed you's too. Zippy pinhead? you ever comin' back? what about you mister Chalup??? you better cll me n apologize! Don't let this fester! -D

07/15/09 10:47 PM #14    

Joni Sandy (Bachman)

I added some pictures of pole painting Saturday night on my profile page. If there is a better place to post them please let me know.

07/16/09 09:46 AM #15    

Lori Rodeen (Marx)

Darryn--you rock getting on those people that did not show up to the reunion party! Wait until they see the pics and how much fun they missed. I'm so glad you got to stop by Friday night! If you're ever going to be in town, let me know and I'll call some buds and we can all meet for some beers!

07/16/09 09:47 AM #16    

Lori Rodeen (Marx)

Nice picture of my butt Joni!

07/16/09 11:10 AM #17    

Lisa Grubel (Chesher)

I can go steal your pics off your profile page and put them in the new Reunion Photos Page I am going to create. I will be sure and include the one of Lori's butt.
Everyone else who has reunion pics, you can post them to your profile page or just email them to me at and I will put them up on the Reunion Photos Page.
Darryn, was great to see you and thanks for chewin' some butt on the people who didn't show... now if we can just get these same people to get on the web site so they see your messages!
Mark V, sorry you & Kandi couldn't make's been a long time. Guess that means no relatives have died or gotten married lately, huh? How are your kids? Did you put any pics on your profile yet? I'll have to go check it out again.
For all those that made it to the reunion...I think this was the most fun reunion we've ever had. ALMOST everyone has grown up, and into some pretty cool and interesting adults. For those of you that didn't make it, we missed you and urge you to come to the next one. I think you'd be surprised.


07/23/09 09:47 PM #18    

Sherri Brandt (Kennedy)

Hey Linda,
There is a link on the left hand side here that will guide you thru uploading photo's. I'm sure alot of us could help you with who's who in your photos.
Let me know if you need further help and I will try to help you get your pictures up.

Sherri Brandt Kennedy

08/12/09 06:28 PM #19    

Darla Davies (Derusha)

REally sorry I missed the reunion, it was great looking at the pictures posted. Thanks Darla Davies

09/12/09 09:12 AM #20    

Diane Hilts (Nyalka)

So sorry I missed the reunion. (I was in Chicago for a bridal shower - our oldest son got married in August. I am feeling pretty ancient.) Looks like everyone had a fabulous time. I always love going "home" to Sioux City - it's still a great place. Ladies - great job on the pole!

12/20/09 09:22 AM #21    

Colleen Millage (Dawson)

I was unable to attend the reunion due to too many events happening this past summer. I do enjoy keeping up with everyone using this site and facebook.

03/30/10 01:30 PM #22    

Kelly Collins (Smith)

I just looked at the pic's of the class reunion and whoever took them need to get the names of the people correct. You have Kelly Collins name on one of the ladies and she wasn't even there so please correct that. The lady in the pic doesn't even come close to looking like me. Come on people get your stuff together

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