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Michael Still
Residing In: buffalo, MO USA
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Occupation: Union Electrician
Children: Joshua 1981
Joseph 1983

Life as usual in this case. (Married with children) 9th grade rolled More…around and the law came down in etched stone. A's and nothing but A's..."But dad...school is so tough". But I saw what was and had been. ME and the way I was...Barely graduating by the skin of my teeth and knew there was a better way. Education, education, education!!! So with unhappy partial smiles on their face they began a new journey where hopefully I could guide them both. Do we all not reap what we sow...

Joshua was the people person type. The talker, politician type with an easy handshake that always came with a smile. Class president, President of Journalism Class, into choir and so many other activities. It never seemed to end. Always doing something...The occasional B here and there but all in all, towed the line to keep me from being to much on his case and he graduated with the rest of his class and like so many of us at that age, didn't have the slightest idea on what was out there and where to go. Now with me being a former Marine, I attempted to steer him in the direction of the Few, the Proud, the Marines but I was soon to be vetoed by my COMMANDING OFFICER (my wife) that, that was not going to happen to her precious child. Well, after some delicate maneuvering on my part, an Air Force Recruiter was brought to the house and the picture of what could be was brought before Joshua eyes (adventure and flying and you now, the dreams of the unknown in the eyes of the youth). All turned out just great for him. From 1998 up to this day. Still in the USAF and an Officer and he has the beauty of flying. Good for him and good for this Country that some step up and are willing to give all to help us all enjoy the beauty of this beautiful nation. He spent time in the no-fly-zone in Iraq in those days and many a time in Norad in Colorado here in he US. A good man and well liked by his peers and the leadership role he carries.

Joseph was borne in Sioux City in 83 and is blessed in many ways for what life offers. Borne at 1lb 4 oz and because of blood oxygen levels required for proper growth pattens in early stages had retina eye problems. Living in an incubator for to long until he could remain on his own without that support did cause some problems. Poor vision and classified as legally blind, he unlike many of us will never have the freedom to just hop in the car and go as he wishes and experience the beauty that God has given us to see the wonders of this world that is all around us. His life circle allows him to see all that is around him but as things become distant (20 feet) they become very hazy and he does not have the clarity or 3 dimensional viewing that we enjoy and very possible take for granted. A gifted child with a very high IQ that allowed him to breeze through school and homework was virtually unknown to him as he retained so much of what he was taught in school. At the time I guess he took the A's to heart and in all the years only had 1 B and it was in drafting because they did not like the ways his lines were drawn. Go figure!!! A 3.9974 grade average and a lot of $$$$ in scholarships. Since the very early days when computers were not a norm and they said this computer has 80 meg and he will never fill it up...lol...well he had one and that was his life. By 7th grade he already had a huge grasp on C++ and Borland and DOS. I was so afraid of what life would throw at him with his vision problem the only way out for him that I could comprehend was education.....SO many of us can say that our children are so sharp when it comes to this new technological age and that is true but Joseph didn't really just want to play the games, he wanted to know what made them the way they were and tweek they a bit to his advantage...It is all he knew to do. No football, baseball, soccer and such. Hard to do such things when objects come out of nowhere so fast.
A computer was his lifeline to this world. Time passed and high school was just a stepping stone for him. After graduation he went to UMR engineering college here in MO and had a full 5 year scholarship in the computer science field. Same as high school. College blessed him and homework was really a foreign word in his vocabulary. Wasn't college a time to get away from parents and a dial up internet and enjoy a T-1 system....lol... He at this time is best suited in a metropolitan area and St. Louis is home for him. He's the MAN!!!!! Lives about 1.5 miles from where he works and has the bike path about 10 yards from his apartment and takes the ride on his bicycle to work every day at Hughes INC. Here he is mastering the intense and rewarding world of multiple computer languages and how they really need to work together to make the 100's of computers in the office and the shop work together to keep the business operating and functioning properly. Distance is a barrier but I keep in touch and do what I can, when I can, but as like his brother he is well liked and his friends help him in areas where they know they can help and is that what friends are for. To help each other. All of us have our own special ways to help others.

Good men. Both of them. As time and distance and the fact they to have here own lives, is part of living, I am proud of them both. May they continue on the journey set before them both for what God has blessed them with. I love them both!!!!
Military Service: USMC (not as lean, not as mean but still a Marine)  
Yes! Attending Reunion

Life is not a Destiny but an uncharted Journey. School ended and like the men we thought we were, the gauntlet was thrown down as we walked into the recruiting office on 2 July 79. We want 3 things was heard. Out of Sioux City today. In California today and us being Marines today. The challenge and the bluff was called as paper work was pushed across the desk with the reply. SIGN HERE! 24 hours with no hair, screaming everywhere, we looked at each other and both thought the same thing. WHAT HAVE WE DONE. The we, was Dave Hodgekinson (slick) and I and life continued to web it's weave. I spent 7 years at the beck and call of our president and all that goes with it. Dave passed away in 81. I remember and for those of you who remember him also ,we must ask! Do we or can we keep him alive even if for the shortest brief amount of time, by remembering. I have a picture here on the wall of him and I, the day we stood in front of the Grey Hound Bus Depot just before boarding for the unknown trip to California that changed both our lives. I saw Dave handle tremendous pressure in boot camp and stood with the Battalion as he was awarded rank and awards for being the Series Battalion Guide that represented the best of the 260 men. He definitely had the qualities and professionalism of the Nations Finest. He was my friend and even today that certain song or words heard, bring him back as if he was here today. Life webs it's weave and we cannot stop it....I do miss him and do remember.

All things end and the USMC ended and the start of what we can only dream of. A brief time back in Sioux City but all had changed. I had tasted and seen what was out here. It didn't help me to stay when she walked into the recruiting office with blonde hair and flashey green eyes. SGT still soon became civilian Still. lol. and that was all it took. Marriage followed and the raising of those two fine men. Going back to college at 27 and the support she gave to help me get though it. Today I am an Electrician and find myself seeing the industrial might of the United States. I have been a part of the building of many beautiful and complex electrical systems on many different types of installation through the years. I now call home Missouri where the closest town is 18 miles away. I have posted a link to what I have been blessed to design and build and where I call home. I am content and my horses are loving the freedom to wonder in the open fields. For old memories of our high school days for a new generation, there was the time when Josh turned 16 and the pressure was there from my wife and him to get the PERFECT car for this wanna be Ferrerri Driver.. HE HAD to look cool in it and IT HAD to be safe and IT HAD to be reliable...Most of all I was told was THAT THE GIRLS HAD TO THINK IT MADE HIM LOOK REAL COOL AND MAKE THEM ADORE HIM....lol....memories....remember your first car!!!!

Well I had been working in Kansas City and I was a few miles from coming home when I made the call. “Josh, why don't you step outside because Ill be coming down the drive way in a few minutes and I'm driving your new car. And down the drive way I came. She (the wife who had been doing all in her power to have me buy the $10,000 car to make him smile and be so cool) was standing on the front porch with the two boys. She took one look and threw her arms in the air and went into the house in total disgust. lol. Not quite approving of my choice. Score one for DAD..lol.. It's what every 16 year old, petal to the metal type of young man needs. A muscle car. Bucket seats, 285 hp 4 barrel quadrojet GM carb and all that a 1971 Lemans with GTO front clip can offer. All in all I guarantee, he may forget who his first girl friend might have been but he will never forget his first car. Those cars may have roamed the streets in our day but they are really gone now and he was so thrilled to have what he soon found out was SO COOL. He rode the wheels right off it but it did last through high school. When he left for the USAF it was parked in the field. It's purpose served. Come to think of it, I traded it for a horse. 16 hands of pure muscle in the form of a pure black Tennessee Walker. Not as fast but has horse power just the same.

417-733 4543
If ever you are in my neck of the woods down around Springfield MO, you are all welcome at my camp fire and the coffee will always be served hot and black. Life is so short as we see the years meld together. If you didn't know me then we still all have a common thread of life because of our pasts. You are more than welcome to send a note or call my direction. Everyone be smart and be safe. You only get one shot at this ya know. Hold on to what is dear because memories is what we may end up with. Thank you for being a part of the younger years even if you don't think you were. A lot of memories here and everyone including yourself was part of it...

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The years do pass, do they not... Been awhile for us all.
From highschool. Marines. College. Trades. Life finds me in Adel Ia in my RV. Work is Facebook In Altoona..working a nightshift as an Electrician installing a fire alarm system.

Life continues on. Hope you are well...

Michael Still
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